Monday, September 13, 2010

Business Cards

Since starting this program in Fall of 2009, I've developed a crazy interest in business cards. The more I can get my hands on, the better- something which, as it turns out, makes me a great network-er. (Ha ha). My background is almost explicitly in writing- my only design experience in newspaper layout, so most of the design concepts are new to me. I've always been a fan/critic of advertising- commercials, billboards, etc, which is what probably initially led me to this program, but since I've started to learn more about actual design, I'm enthralled with business cards. Mine- work issued- are pretty plain, but neat. I think then, I live vicariously through other people's business card choices, and get super excited when I see some I like. I keep them around for inspiration, and stand by the claim that you can tell alot about a person by looking at their business card- despite the fact that most people use design templates they find on mass printing sites. They still had to make choices, creating a card to reflect themselves. If they hired someone else to make the choices- even strangers at the store- the card layout and design was choosen based on impressions, sometimes even first impressions- so then at the very least the business cards represent what others think of the business card holder.
This business card is one I collected recently from a photographer at one of the football games I went to. She was sweet, young- probably in her 20's and very spunky- blonde hair with bright pink streaks. Lo and behold, her business cards- which she'd let the person on staff where she bought the cards design- are black on both the front and back, with pink text/designs and irredecent (not sure if you can see that on the photo) accents. Voila! I imagine the designer didn't have a tough time trying to figure out a color scheme. The card is very cute, with definite spunk. Not something I'd choose for myself but based on my own first impression, very fitting for the photographer.


  1. Yeah, I have a thing for business cards too. You'll probably get a kick out of these: This page has been around for a while, so you might have seen it before. But there's some pretty good stuff there.

  2. I love business cards too! Well some of them lol. Business cards are a representation of you and what you or your business are all about. If you are NOT bold and funky, then your business cards SHOULD NOT be. Just sayin...

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