Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Food Writing

For our show and tell this week, we had to find an example of good food writing. The piece I found- an article on fried green tomatoes in Garden & Gun magazine- quickly caught my attention. The article, called Slice of Heaven, described the food, how they were once made, how they are now, why we love them, etc. The section also included a recipe for fried green tomatoes, and an into to a chef who is apparently famous for them in North Carolina. I thought the photos were excellent as well. In a health or "Cooking Light" kind of magazine, they'd be terrible- but to go along with the article, which raved about pork fat being an essential frying ingredient and targeted the southern population, they were perfect.
And more on the topic of Garden & Gun magazine, last week in class I mentioned that I didn't know exactly who the target audience is for the publication, so I did some research this week. The median age of readers is about 45 years old- and the median income well into six figures- I think just shy of $200,000/year. 33% of readers own more than one home. So I'm thinking that I probably couldn't pinpoint it earlier, because I'm not in it, ha. Still, I do love the magazine. I love the layout and the photography, and I do love to read it. The slogan says the magazine represents the "Soul of the New South," and the human interest stories are always interesting. I'm not as big a fan of the fashion section, but I also usually love to thumb through the travel guides and restaurant reviews. The recipes though, are always the best part.

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