Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Doggone Good Story

Since I know you all love Garden and Gun so much I wanted to use this opportunity to pull a fun narrative from it for our show and tell.

Every issue, there is a section called "Good Dog" in the magazine. I'm not much of an animal person myself, but this particular story really tickled my fancy.

The Canine Criminal is a about the writer's childhood dog, Max, who was particularly mischievous. The smart, witty but kind of dry, sarcastic humor made me laugh out loud. Several of the writers in Garden and Gun have this same tone/style, and this story was no exception. The conclusion is definitely cute and funny, although I do wish it had a little bit stronger; I wish it rounded out the narration a little stronger, or gave me an indication of what eventually happened to Max. I have more questions about the little guy. What else did he do? How long did he live? Did he have any Max Jr.s? So maybe the conclusion is fine and I just wanted to hear more about the pup. You can decide.

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