Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Princess Di Infographic

I am not very interested in the Prince William and Kate situation. In fact, I had to Google his name to double check as I was writing this blog, which doesn't say much about my knowledge of current events. But anyway, I feel like Kate-Princess Diana comparisons are popping up all over the place now (US Weekly is going nuts with the trivia and Kate v. Princess Di articles), and what I am interested in seeing out of this scenario are infographics. Last night, when I was mulling over the organization of my America's Cup infographic, I got to thinking that maybe a more timely infographic would have been one about the Princess and soon-to-be Princess. The information is available now more than ever, and I'm thinking that if I don't make it out of my America's Cup graphic alive, I might potenitally think about switching topics, or creating a second one (very ambitious idea) for practice/potential portfolio work.

I Googled "Princess Diana Infographics" this morning to see if anyone had already gotten started on the idea, and though I was surprised to find that there weren't any published recently, this little tidbit was everywhere. It's called "The Last Day of Princess Diana." I am still not sure that I know the qualities of a good infographic, but this one is certainly interesting. I imagine some would say it's too 'decorative' and that the various photos don't really offer any additional insight, but I personally was intrigued and disected the whole thing when I found it. I think maybe the true sign of a good infographic will be one that makes a boring/uninteresting topic come to life. Maybe I'll never be able to distinguish between good and less good (but probably terrible) infographics concerning topics of interest to me.

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