Thursday, November 11, 2010

Show & Tell Narrative Package

I am not a big fan of Vitamin Water itself but I think their packaging is great. They reach a large but specific audience with the narratives on their water bottles, which are always hilarious. The color-coded products are also great and in line with their competition, Gatorade.
My only issue is with the fact that "product" is a widow and I think the entirety of the first paragraph should fit in the color block. I hate that the sentence/paragraph cut by the white. To me it looks awkward and like bad planning. I do like the lack of capitalization, but I have no explanation for that.

Otherwise I think the two components: narrative and color, work well together. The design and color of the packaging is toned-down, it's not too crazy and it helps to broaden the consumer scope, and not alienate older, (or younger) or more serious consumers. I also appreciate that the narratives are different on each bottle, so you might be more likely to experiment with their different flavors to read them all. Also, the narrative really kind of makes a certain segment of consumers think they need the water. Like it was produced specifically for their set of needs. In reality, the vitamins in each bottle aren't that different and all really do the same thing. But if you read each of the labels, you might think you need to buy the whole lot of them for all your different hydration scenarios.
This blog article outlines six different reason Vitamin Water marketing has worked.

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  1. Sadly, as much Vitamin water as I've imbibed and I never noticed the stories on these. They are interesting though...