Sunday, November 14, 2010

Subtle Christmas Advertising

I love a good deal. I'm a sucker for advertising (and I have a years' worth the Omaha steaks in my freezer to prove it.) Put the two together and I am Groupon's target audience. I'm pretty sure the inventor of Groupon watches for my username to show up and then snickers to himself as I spend my last dollar on the day's next great deal.

I especially love (other than the killer good deals) the tiny blurb that Groupon writes about the company on the bottom left half of the page - you know, after the list of deal details.

Anyway, more than all of these things I LOVE Christmas advertising. So when I read Groupon's little sarcastic/morbid tagline for Ethan Allen I was caught off-guard and laughed out loud. Today's groupon read:

"Every time someone sleeps on a floor, eats dinner off a cardboard table, or uses a Rubbermaid tub as an ottoman, an angel gets sucked into a jet engine."

Don't get the Christmas connection? Think 'It's A Wonderful Life.'
"Every time time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!" (Sweetest line from a movie ever.)


  1. I read that! I was a little shocked actually, but Groupon's audience would find it pretty entertaining (I did). I am also a huge fan of Groupon and Living Social, getting deals on restaurants and things like that make me feel really good. I don't have much money so if I can help myself I totally will. Speaking of which, I don't need a Thanksgiving pie but today's deal makes me think I do...

  2. Haha I was shocked when I thought about it afterward, but my initial reaction was to laugh out loud. Somehow I didn't see the sentence ending there... Anyway, oh yes, I've bought all of my Christmas gifts for other people on Groupon. I'm literally a groupie.